Our Story

In 2017, following a 12 year career in the financial industry, Luis created LULLA Wealth Financial (LU- Lucas & LLA - Ella) his two children.

Luis took the opportunity to create the firm he always envisioned. One where the focus would be on helping others live their lives richly and without regrets rather than dying rich and with regrets. living better today rather than in the distant future. Luis wanted to start with the client’s life in mind and end with their investments. Not the other way around.

And through the process, answering the questions we all have – working entrepreneurs or retired widows. “Am I or Will I be able to live the life I want?” “Am I OK?”

At LULLA our passion lies on helping you align your money with your life, we want to free up your time to enjoy what matters most to you. Knowing that no two people are the same - no two financial plans should be either. Our structure is designed to allows us the time to meet with our clients regularly. For us, it is important to keep you aware of current situations and be able to address and adjust as life and priorities change.

We feel it is important you are comfortable with us and want to understand your needs, for those reasons, our initial meeting is complimentary.